Collage Sketches

Sometimes, meaningful sentiments can be found in the most unlikely of places. I often find such things in vintage non-fiction books. Century old philosophy, early twentieth century social etiquette instruction, and dictionaries reveal images of irony, satire, and beautifully written phrases which, when given a new context, reveal quiet moments of truth and circumstance. The tactility of a variety of mediums provides a renewed sense of wonder. The cutting and pasting of paper revives a sense of play. As I collect and browse through old books, I cut out images and words that have meaning for me. When I need a rest from the other deeply personal and emotional work in process, I turn to the cut-outs of text and images, and begin assembling narratives. This curation process provides new perspectives and metaphors that inform future works. I consider them all to be little works on their own which I dearly treasure. They are papered poetry to me.


Ultraviolet, p1

Ultraviolet, pp2-3

Ultraviolet, p4